Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father’s Day touching Message From this Video

Dont ever break your father’s Heart As they are Really in Love with you Forever.... They feels When you hurt them Try not to hurt them

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Awesome Reply By Girl

"Awesome Reply By Girl"

One day a Boy and Girl meet after their breakup...

Boy : I heard u found some one new ?

Girl : Yes & He is Really Good Guy :)

Boy :Oh really? Can He make you "Smile" like I do ?


Boy : *Spechhless*

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Love Story: Fate Brought Us Together Married On Our 7th Date

My story will begin at the time that I was living in Nebraska. At the time I was a divorced father with two children. I have a son who was 12 years old at the time, and my daughter was age 10. I had met a cousin over the Internet and we decided that we should meet each other. After my cousin came to meet us the first year we came to Chicago the second year. The first visit to Chicago was so much fun that I told my children that I would like to move to Chicago someday. The following year we came for another visit to the city. When we drove into the city on this second trip, I felt as if I was arriving home, and that I belonged in Chicago. We began to come out on a regular basis, even on three day weekends, when we would make the 1400 mile round trip. After three years my daughter decided that she was ready to move to Chicago. This was in July of 2001, and we were here and ready for school to start on September 2nd, 2001.
When we arrived in Chicago I started working at a local retail store as a salesperson and a department manager. At all times while I was here I felt as if I had lived here before. At one point while working here I transferred to another department where I took an outside sales position. This allowed me to travel all over the city making sales calls. It was while making the sales calls that I first set eyes on the woman that I would marry.
After seeing her for the first time, across the street from one of my jobsites, I made sure that I visited that jobsite on every trip out. The first time I saw her I smiled and waved at her. From that time on I became more curious and more drawn to her. I tried to find out all that I could about her with no luck. Each time I saw her I felt this need to meet her. I just knew that I had to meet her. I had never felt like this before. I even considered that she might have cast a spell on me to make me feel this way. When I finally decided that I would meet her I knew that I could not do this while I was working, that I needed more time than a work break would allow, to get to know her. I made a trial run on a Thursday night to see if I might be able to meet her and at the last minute decided that I was not ready. But it was after this trial run that I knew I would meet her. Finally, on a Saturday night, I got ready to go. I knew when I left the house that I was not coming home until I met her. When I pulled up in front of her house on the south side of Chicago I knew there was no turning back. I was prepared to knock on her door and introduce myself, but as luck would have it she was already sitting on the front porch. I got out of my car and walked right up to the porch to meet her. There was a big man working on a car in front of the house, and at this point I did not know if she was married or if she was with someone else. I didn't care. I walked past the man and said; "How are you", and I kept on going to the front porch. When I got there I introduced myself as Steve and asked her if she recognized me. She said; "Yes, you're the guy who makes the sales calls. Are you working tonight"? I said; "No, I am only here to meet you". At that point I sat down on the front steps and we spent the next two and a half hours talking and getting to know each other.
Before I left that night I made sure that she had my phone number, my address, and any other information that she would need to contact me. I also made sure that I had her phone number and a date for the following Tuesday, to have a couple of drinks and to get to know more about her. It was a fantastic night and I felt very good about meeting her.
Nora comments that a few years ago she returned to Chicago, a mother of six and divorced. "I've known a few men in my life and I can honestly say, that when I think back, none of them were any good".
One day I decided I would spend the rest of my life alone until the person that was right for me came along. No matter how long it took, I would not get involved with anymore men, period. Myself, being what I am, took it upon myself to do a spell. Nothing elaborate, but I put my all into it just the same. I made a list of everything I wanted this person to be. This list covered three sheets of paper front and back, and a few lines on the fourth sheet. I kept these sheets with me everywhere day and night. I made sure I had no physical relationships with men. I never thought of even getting close enough to one to allow that to happen. I decided to let the spirits send him to me, and I would keep all avenues open to allow that to happen with no unwanted baggage hanging around.
After what seemed like years, the papers seemed to vanish. I searched everywhere and they were nowhere to be found. I took it as a sign that my love was coming soon.
Suddenly, there seemed to be men coming out of the woodwork to get my attention. I held my ground and stayed alone. Still, this was a sign, and I knew. I would ask the spirits to give me a sign when my love was near. Each time, immediately afterward, this feeling would come over me so dizzying that I would have to grab hold of something just to keep from falling to the ground.
One day I was going to the store for cigarettes. There was an outside salesman sitting in his truck watching me. He caught my attention too, even at the distance we were. I saw him more often after that, always at a distance, but something in his eyes caught my attention. There was even something in the air when I saw him. The dizzying feelings left, which was also a sign. Once he waved and smiled. I did the same. He knew where I lived and once in a while he would pass through my block, past my house. I could feel my heart drop during the times I wasn't actually standing on the porch when he came through. He was on a business call at the house across from me. As he came out I waved, but he didn't glance my way, even though I know he wanted to. He drove away. So I decided to be patient and wait. He will come to me.
He did just that. Usually I never stay outside long when it begins to get dark, living on the south side of Chicago, but this particular day for some reason I knew something was going to happen. So I sat on the porch a little longer. A car pulled up along the other side of the street and a white a man got out. I thought nothing of it at first until he turned around. It was the salesman walking over to me, cocky as you please. Before he made it to the porch I started adjusting my hair and worrying about how I looked and everything. Never in my life had I ever felt so nervous. He introduced himself, asked me if I remembered who he was, and I told him yes. He sat on the porch and we talked as if we had known each other all of our lives. It felt as if we had already been together. By the time we finished talking, it was night. Where did the time go?
The following Tuesday was September 21st, which happened to be Nora's birthday. We went to a local sports bar in Bridgeport to have a couple of drinks and just talk. Spending time with Nora was a very comfortable feeling, and during our conversation she mentioned that she had something that I should know about her. She had on a pendant and held it out for me to see. While I looked at it she asked me if I knew who might wear something like it. I didn't, and she told me she wasn't like most people. She asked if I had any idea what she might be. I had no doubt! The first thing out of my mouth was, "you're a witch".
At that point Nora asked me why I would say something like that. I told her that I had already considered that fact, that she may have placed a spell on me, as I had done so many things, and felt so many things that had not happened before in my life. Actions I had never taken. Her response was to tell me that my guess was absolutely correct. While I was making sales calls the next day I delivered a dozen white, pink, and yellow roses to her so she would know that I truly enjoyed our first date.
Our second date was on October 2nd. I picked Nora up at 10:00 a.m. and we spent the day at Navy Pier. Walking, sight seeing, lunch, a movie at the Imax, a ride on the Ferris wheel, and music at the beer garden. I have never felt so at ease with anyone, holding hands and talking the whole time. It was the best date I have ever had, and we still had more to do for the day.
After we left Navy Pier we picked up a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses from my place. Nora got a chance to meet my daughter while we were there and we continued to Buckingham Fountain.
When we got to Buckingham Fountain we parked and opened the bottle of wine to pour a couple of glasses before we walked over to the fountain. Before we got out of the car a policeman pulled up and came over. He told us we would need to pay the meter to park, and that we couldn't sit in the car and drink. Thank God he didn't give us a hard time about the wine and such.
We walked across the street hand in hand to the fountain and enjoyed the sight and night air. It was here that we kissed for the first time, very tender, very sweet.
When our date ended I knew I had found a woman that went way beyond my expectations. It was after this date that I purchased engagement and wedding rings. I knew where I wanted this relationship to go, and I was sure that it would.
October 16th was Sweetest Day and I wanted to surprise Nora with a visit. I drove to her house and knocked on the door. She was not at home but her daughter and niece let me in and served me a cup of coffee. This is the first time I had actually been inside her home and it had the atmosphere of familiarity to me. I met her mother and was talking to her when Nora came back. She was a little surprised and disappointed that I showed up unexpectedly. We talked for a few minutes before she told me she had other plans for the day, and that I should call first before coming over. I left with the feeling of being a little hurt, but not shot down. We would see each other again.
We went out again on October 23rd. This is our third date. We drove around for a while just talking and looking for a place that may be nice for dinner. While we drove I let Nora know, by giving strong hints, I thought we would always be together. We went to an Italian restaurant where they played live piano music. We had a very nice dinner and a few drinks. In fact, Nora had way too many few drinks. I carefully led her out the front door when we left. When we got outside I turned to her and we shared a very loving and warm kiss. Fantastic! On the way back to her house she wasn't feeling well so we stopped until she was again ready for movement. At the front door I wanted to kiss her goodnight, but she told me to just leave. I found out later that the reason for this was the fact that she was holding things in and lost it all as soon as she got inside the house. Drunk, she had cleaned up the mess and then almost crawled up the stairs to her room.
Date number four, November 6th, was more of a relaxation date. Through our conversations I found that Nora liked blues music. We went to Lee's Unleaded Blues Club and spent the night listening to music, having a few beers, and talking. It was a night that was somewhat uneventful, but very enjoyable. It was this date that Nora came on a little stronger in letting me know that she wanted more.
Shocking date number five! Sunday, November 14th, is a day we will never forget. We had decided to again visit a blues club after having breakfast. After getting ready I was heading to my car with a card and sweets, when a voice inside my head told me to go back inside the house and get the engagement ring. This wasn't something I was planning on taking with me on this date, but I went back and got it just the same. I placed it on the seat of the car and then told myself that it was too soon for an engagement today, so I placed it in the glove box. I was totally wrong about this as the day unfolded in a way that was unbelievable.
At Club Escape we listened to the music and enjoyed each other's company over a couple of drinks. During a break in the entertainment Nora went to freshen up a little. While she was there the entertainer came to our table and made the comment to me that witchcraft and religion don't mix. We thought this was a little strange but didn't put too much thought into it. During the next break we were still sitting close and enjoying being together when he again came over to our table. The only comment he made this time was, "Just marry the lady and get it over with". This comment was surprising, as we didn't know this man and he had added nothing else to the comment, he just walked away.
I looked at Nora, she looked at me, and I said; "OK, let's just go with this. What would you say if I asked you to marry me right now"?
She looked at me and smiled, "You can't do that without a ring".
Now I knew the reason for the little voice in my head from earlier in the day, and why I brought the ring with. I replied; "I have a ring in the car".
Nora; "No you don't".
Steve; "Yes I do. I'll go out and get it".
Nora told me later, that while I was going to get the ring she was sitting at the table asking herself why I would play with her emotions like that, pounding on the table, and telling herself that she was going to refuse to leave until I produced a ring after putting her through this.
In less than three minutes I was back, standing in front of her with a small box in my hand. I placed it on the table and told her to open it. She was fearful that it would end up being earrings or a necklace, so she just shook her head and said; "No".
I then picked up the box, opened it, and took out the ring. "Nora, will you marry me"?
She was in shock and speechless, sat there just staring at the ring. I was getting the feeling that this wasn't going to turn out the way I wanted, when all of a sudden she jumped out of her seat and gave me the tightest, most loving "yes" hug you would ever see.
Fate? Everything is mysteriously falling in place for us? Call it what you want, but the way things came together for us doesn't end here!
On Wednesday, November 17th, I took off work early so we could go downtown to get the marriage license. This would be date number six. We were off and running, making our dream come true.
Everything felt so right about this and on Sunday, November 21st, we decided to get married on Thanksgiving. This was after I had told Nora about my day on the sales truck on Thursday. I was driving that morning, when suddenly I could smell her like she was sitting next to me. I took a couple of deep breaths and got a strong feeling that she was up to something. A couple more breaths, and I knew what it was. She and her sister were together, planning on surprising me with a date that we would marry.
When I told her about this she was in disbelief. She had been with her sister, talking about the very plan I had told her about, but there was no way that I could have known about it. The time was 10:00 a.m. when I had felt all of this, the very time she and her sister were together.
Nora and her sister spent the entire day on Monday, November 22nd, trying to find a Pastor, Minister, or Officiate that would perform a marriage ceremony at noon, on Thanksgiving Day, at her parent's home. When I talked to her that evening on the phone, she was very upset that it wasn't going to happen, they had found none. I told her not to worry about it, that I would try to find someone on Tuesday while I was on my sales route.
The next day, Tuesday, I made my first sales stop of the day. It was here that I mentioned my goal of finding an Officiate. A man at this stop told me that his mother had a brother that was a minister, and he would go make a phone call for me to find out if this would be a possibility. I told him I would have to stop back later due to not having time to wait. He said it wouldn't take long as his mother lived right next door. When he came back everything was pointing to go. I would meet them for lunch and make arrangements. Over lunch everything was planned, and the ceremony would take place on Thanksgiving as we had hoped. Once again, fate had shined upon us, and our plans for our future together.
Thanksgiving Day, November 25th, our marriage took place. Sixty-nine days after we had first met, on our seventh date, we were married, in a small ceremony, in her parent's home. That was over three years ago now, and we haven't looked back. We are still very much in love and things in our life continue to improve for us. It is our wish that fate would shine on everyone as it has us.

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Still waters run deep!

by Galina Toktalieva
As long as I remember myself, I was always mesmerized by water. Even washing cups made it pleasant experience feeling blissful substance touching my skin. Being so much fond of sea, I avoided deep places and could not swim at all, combining adoration toward water with dread.
Most likely, such attitude I got by being born in region of steppes and mountings, where holy substance is rare and brings life to dry earth of nomads.During summer months, I was often sitting in fire boat fastened to the Mur coast.
Looking at the river I perceived wisdom of things, feeling myself perfect particle of perfect universe. Boat was gently rocking me and I was sure that linking chain was broken and I was floating in nowhere.Walking along Muradweg, I used to send cosmos mail messages to all possible Gods and Goddesses of water. You must pronounce your utmost wish
looking at the river - and it will be delivered to holy quarters of nature.
How could I compress all unfulfilled desires in one single wish that can be send as plea to eternity? Feeling wind drying my tears I begged
river: “Please show me the way!”
But river never confirmed or denied anything. It existed solemnly in sphere where small private misfortunes and frustrations played no role. River always wanted to show me – whatever I did, suffering was inevitable!
Only one medicine was valid – detachment.
For your own sake you better be detached of your desires and dependencies!
Dependence starts as adventure. Among tens of similar affairs, you were so easy to come through- only one gives birth to fatal addiction.
Fatality comes in image of man.
He invites you to make trip to Slovenia in his car and then picks you up at the corner of the street. He is suspicious and nervous; he makes a few rounds in area to catch glimpse of possible spies.
Contrary to you, he has something to lose.
During trip, you both keep strained silence, partly because of his CD with Russian music that plays loud – to prevent probable record of talk. He doesn’t fully apprehend the meaning of Russian songs he is listening to. In my turn, I am shy, but provocative. Instability of my situation and fears make me enterprising and dangerous.
This game is seduction. I try to seduce mature man, arouse his feelings and then look what will go out of it. Sexual satisfactions I don’t search and also never get.
Game is much more meaningful than that. I want to gain power over man’s heart.
We swirl around along Slovenian roads, captured by curiosity and trepidation. Eventually distant hotel is found. Not a single detail of that intimacy I can recollect. Trivialities of quick closeness are dimmed by anxiety. Nor can I recollect his caresses. May be there were none.
Depth of my feelings surpassed all, and if sex occurred under any circumstances, it played only role of confirmation.
We met again and made another trip. I was sure I would easily forget these affairs, as I forgot many of them that gave nothing
to me except hurt. But imagination was already at its work, and poison of dependence on imaginary images started circulation in my blood.
It was like unknown illness you could not take control of and could not predict its frightening zigzags. It took me years of struggle to get rid of it.
For a long time, in fact for a few years I listened to cassettes with Russian music he presented me – and did it every day. Every day I dreamed of dancing together with him in big hall feeling his body in elegant suit pressed against mine.
Perhaps I disturbed God of Mur river with my requests too often. Fate hit me unexpectedly.
Once I came to public ball and saw him dancing with other woman. Looking how he kept her hand, I knew unmistakably that he slept with her. His face expressed tenderness unfamiliar to me. Everything there was like in my dream – big hall full of people, lights, sounds of music and his eyes…lingering at other woman’s face.
I stepped in shadow. Pain in chest! What physical anguish can be compared with it? Lights merged spinning around. There was no past, no future, only this moment of agony that was lasting ever and ever.
I dig nails in my hand, and drops of blood appeared, but there was no ache.
I became suddenly blind and could not make one face from another.
I tried to gulp vodka in buffet, but failed and threw it at shoulder of person standing beside.
Then it was lapse in my memory. Next time I found myself standing at Hauptbr├╝cke
and looking at dark waters below. How much time passed, a few hours, twenty minutes or may be years? From eternity point of view, it was all the same.
O, River! Why did you take my utmost dream from me? Please take instead my life!
It seemed water noise changed its tonality as if trying communicate something to me.
I could feel fresh breathing of the Mur at my skin.
To terminate all in a moment? Jump down and after seconds of injury to enter eternity – without regret, attachment and pain?
The dim waters of the Mur moved forward – and this movement was suddenly right and full of deep meaning. River – the only witness – knew what I felt. It told me the highest wisdom of moment was to die being alive and to transit to other self, other point of view.
Street was empty and I could hear bell ringing two. Suddenly I felt tremendously tired, and knew I must go to reach my small attic.
I also knew I would stand all in this life, because that day I survived death of my dream. 

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